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Winnychan FTW

A Turtle-Centric Extravaganza

18 February 1980
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adderall, addiction, adult swim, adventure games, alice in wonderland, ani difranco, anime, anti-war, artificial intelligence, bawls, board games, changeling: the dreaming, charles delint, christopher moore, classic cars, columbus ohio, comics, conventions, costumes, cowboy bebop, d-rings, d20, dollhouse, donatello, drag kings, dragon age, drawing, dreaming, elfquest, elitest intellectuals, erotica, euchre, fanart, fanboys, fanfiction, fangirls, fhqwhgads, firefly, flogging molly, freeware, gamer girls, gamers, gay boys, gay rights, george carlin, ghb, gir, girl genius, girls with dreads, guinness, halloween, high street, hoodies, horns, indie films, insomnia, inspiration, integrity, intellectual intercourse, internet piracy, invader zim, irish carbombs, jhonen vasquez, jill sobule, joss whedon, kevin smith movies, leonardo, lewis carroll, lucinda williams, magic, manga, mead, mechanical pencils, michelangelo, monty python, mount and blade, mozilla, mst3k, mu*, mush, neil gaiman, ninja, nintendo, no-doz, parallel kingdom, peter pan, photoshop, placebo, poe, poems that don't suck, pro-choice, queer as folk, quentin tarantino, raphael, rave scene, ravers, renaissance festivals, robert asprin, roleplay, roleplaying, rpgs, sarcasm, shiny things, short north, six feet under, sketching, sleep deprivation, slums, soft-butch, spikes, staying up late, steampunk, strangers in paradise, sushi, tails, techno, teenage mutant ninja turtles, the elder scrolls, the last unicorn, tmnt, turkish delight, turkish gold, unseelie, urban explorers, urban fantasy, video games, violent femmes, volkswagens, walking, weed, wendy pini, wings, world of darkness